Tire Gauges

Pen Tire Gauge

  • Head: zinc alloy
  • Body: aluminum
  • Accurate from 0-50 psi
  • Built in storage clip

Dial Tire Gauge

  • Head / Body: zinc alloy
  • Accurate from 0-60 psi,+/- 1 psi
  • Scales selection: kpa, psi
  • Easy to read dial face
  • Protective rubberized grip

Digital Tire Gauge

  • Auto shut-off for battery life extension and a reset button for quick multiple tire readings
  • Protective rubberized grip
  • LCD easy-to-read display – Illuminated blue screen and a lighted gauge tip to view in low lighting areas.
  • Button cell battery included
  • Accurate from 5-99 psi±1 psi
  • Units: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/m2