Our Brands

SBI holds licenses for Goodyear and Garrity and has a brand portfolio that also includes house labels TrekSafe, AutoReady and EnergyPro. Whatever your automotive needs, SBI has a brand and a product for you, available through our retail partners throughout North America.

Goodyear is a prominent automotive brand recognized for superior construction, endurance and reliability led by its tire products. We offer automotive accessories built to those same standards with commitment to excellence.

Garrity is the newest addition to our brand family but it is far from a newcomer to the market. Garrity® Flashlights began as a family business over 50 years ago that would go on to help shape the portable lighting industry. Their cornerstone product line included the immensely popular  “Firefighter’s Choice” LifeLite. Today, SBI is committed to the Garrity legacy and has updated the line with technological upgrades and will continue to develop new products.

TrekSafe is the pioneer of the SBI group of brands. The TrekSafe roadside kits and safety accessories line of products gave SBI its first entry into the aftermarket accessory and remains a valued brand in our portfolio.

AutoReady is the line of products which are our ready to go line of automotive accessories. With comfort accessories, lifestyle products and convenience items, AutoReady provides the perfect aesthetic complement to your vehicle.

EnergyPro represents our tech line of automotive accessories. Smart booster cables, headlamps, roadside lighting and work lights. As technology advances in these categories, SBI adapts to incorporate it.